Watching the Water

Well, let me begin by wishing everyone a belated Happy New Year.

Many moons ago, when I first started a Taoist themed blog on Blogger I wanted something fitting as a title. Water is a classic Taoist metaphor and the idea of a serenely moving depth was attractive. So the blog got its name and the name stuck across two blogging sites and finally, this domain. The thing is, water is a perfect description of Taoism. It always moves at the natural speed for the situation; it finds its way around obstacles effortlessly; it is yielding and pliant, but devastating and irresistible. Given time it will wash away even the hardest of stones.

Of course, water is nothing like as spiritual and attractive when you’re flooded out. It’s been a trying Christmas and New Year for many people in the United Kingdom, the news from the affected areas of the UK is not good. If the weather report is to be believed, worse is on the way too. I can only see this as the next piece of the end result of Humanities distinct unwillingness to observe the Tao that surrounds it. What shouldn’t really have surprised me, but did, was the willingness of the supporters of the Status Quo to seemingly fiddle while Rome burned. I can only send my best wishes and keep those affected in my thoughts.

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