Holier than what?

A theme that has been running through my mind very recently regards the notion of holiness. I was reading some Taoist literature and thinking back over my old Tai Chi training and I remembered my teacher telling us that the key was to do less, not more. The Taoist literature echoed this with the advice that in Tai Chi, we find that we already know how to move or how to stand properly; the case is often that poor habits or mental issues cause us to hunch or slouch and take bad posture.

So there I was recently, mulling over my own attempts to follow precepts and live up to this or that ideal. I’d already come to the conclusion that it’s probably better to just be yourself first and foremost. I do think that the very Tai Chi related advice above has bearing here, and I tended to think like this before I rebooted the blog, so old habits die hard. I’m coming to the conclusion that we already know how to live a good life, it’s built in. In fact, scientific research does show that altruistic behaviour is a part of our nature. So my own thinking is that rather than try to live up to an external standard of what’s good, we need to realise that we already know. It’s in our nature and we simply need to do less and get the hell out of our own way. We already know how to stand up straight, we just need to let go of the bad habits and issues that obscure that. The most important thing though is to be mindful of our own nature as Humans, some of the conditioning we receive from imposed moralities can obscure our view of our nature and cause us to fight against this nature.

In fact, as Yoda advised Luke Skywalker on Dagobah: “You need to unlearn what you have learned”.

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  1. malanlewis March 15, 2014

    In order to release our selves from attachments, we let them go.

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