Walking the road away from Big Data

Over the months since the initial Edward Snowden revelations, I’ve been keeping an eye on the big tech companies. I’d hoped to see some kind of gesture here, but it seems to have been a case of completely failing to learn the lessons. Instead we’ve seen denial, misdirection and media spin. In a recent speech Microsoft’s Legal Counsel is reported to have said:

“What we’ve seen since last June is a double-digit decline in people’s trust in American tech companies in key places like Brussels and Berlin and Brasilia. This has put trust at risk,”

Oh really? I think “at risk” is putting things a bit mildly to say the least. It’s with this in mind that I started to look at what could be done. Buddhism gives a mandate for making your own judgements on issues in the Kalama Sutra and I find that it does tend to encourage a less conformist, more critical, attitude to things. This helped my decision to walk away. The main question is how to get the benefits of the could based infrastructure without the actual cloud. I have, to my surprise, found that the humble Raspberry Pi computer has stepped up here. The email solution requires work, but I am finding that the Davical software provides a good alternative for address book, calendar and task sync. I have to sync two Thunderbirds, a tablet and a phone. This is currently, a work in progress, but is already fulfilling a lot of its promise.  I hope to fully document what I’ve been up to on this, including an email solution in a future post

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