The Darker Scenery

I took up Yoga some weeks ago, it’s certainly a different beast to the things I’ve done before. It’s certainly powerful and I do recommend it. One of the things I noticed is the difference it makes to the practise when you take mental baggage into the class. The stresses of a difficult day might make old grievances rise. Before you know it, you’re tense and the Yoga doesn’t seem to flow. When this happened for me recently, it was easy to start being very negative. As we settled into Savasana at the end of the class, the meditation exercise that accompanied it cause me to reflect that I had things all wrong.

My idea of the class being a success or a failure was wrong. It’s truer that as long as you persist, there is only progress, only success. So yes, these things arise; you just have to work through them. Old tensions arise, old energies locked deep in the muscle get released, let them go and work through it. You might not get the Yoga or meditation session you expected or wanted, but you got the one that was the next bend in the stream for you. Part of this comes back to something I’ve  previously about parts of the spiritual path being darker than others; just because the scenery isn’t so  pretty on this part of the river, it doesn’t mean you’re not making progress.

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