Too Hasty

The thoughts continue to form after my experiences of the last few weeks. I’m pondering what I’ve learned about speed. I’ve long held the opinion that too much speed is a very bad thing, the last few weeks have solidified that opinion. On my course, we were asked to consider the justifications for driving too quickly. In truth there aren’t any. But we were also asked to consider benefits from driving more slowly. These benefits, are relevant elsewhere, not just on the road.

Let’s think. Safety is the most obvious. If we take a dangerous or complex task, rushing it is a surefire way into trouble. You might be lucky, but not forever, a more measured pace is safer. I hold the opinion that a slower pace leads to better, more accurate results. Even better, you’re more likely to learn and absorb things; you’re also more able to savour things, enjoy the process. The thought of learning brings me back to the 70% rule. I first encountered this years ago in my Tai Chi years. In short, you never give 100%, but keep to 70%. The 30% you keep back is used to learn and improve; to raise your game. Eventually, your unstrained 70% is equal to what used to be your 100% and is still improving!

Much of this involves planning and preparation, in order to be taking your time you need to have prepared. This brings me back to my Tai Chi, but also forward to my current Yoga practise. Both these look unhurried, serene and graceful. Don’t be fooled, if you’re taking your time and moving gracefully, it’s the result of lots of practise and hard work in the background. It takes a lot of hard groundwork to look that peaceful.

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