All These Views

I’ve been spending a bit of my time on the Reddit website of late. There are a few subreddits that hold my attention, though in some subreddits the experience reminds me of when I held a much more stringent Atheist view than I currently do. I recall often seeing arguments, with people talking past each other heatedly, not really communicating. I’ve written before my blog restart about our beliefs being a map of the world, not the world itself; the tragedy being that many people seem to think the map is the world, with unhappy results. The subject of religion is something that really lends itself to this; also economics, with the laughable idea of unlimited growth on a limited planet.

As I read the arguments, my opinion deepened that the only thing that really matters is the Tao. Or, if you prefer, the view from the Tao. This comes to the pretty simple position that an argument or position that fails to accord with the Tao is destined to fail. The thing is, this leads to another point; yes, it’s possible for one party to be partly or wholly wrong. But it’s also possible for both sides of an argument to be partly or wholly wrong, the only thing that’s always in the right is the Tao. I can also see that there’s much to be said for holding to simple views and positions, it’s far harder to get yourself tied in mental knots. I note that in Taoism and Buddhism, the positions I’ve seen are usually simple; in my experience things get the “it’s more complex than that” treatment right before the evasions start. I’ve found though, there’s little point arguing with the people who hold these complex and idealogical views, often the best thing to do is simply get out of the way and do something more positive with your energies!

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