Seeds in the Mind

I was having a conversation recently, which included an observation on how the propaganda of the big media corporations gets into our heads. I’ve talked a bit about letting go of the mainstream media before, but this time I had a connection jump into my mind. At a Buddhist Meditation meeting recently, we listened to a Dharma talk. The subject was about the Karmic seeds we plant. The point was made that if you plant the seeds of a Neem Tree then you get sour fruit; if you plant the seeds of Sugar Cane, you get something sweet. Now, these seeds are planted in the mind. This is important to understand, because of all the actions you can take the mental are the most important; this is because everything else, verbal or physical flows from the mind.

We can sow such seeds in the minds of others if we’re not careful, and we are often not careful. Harsh words, harsh actions, injustices all of these plant the seeds in the minds of others. I have in mind a news story I saw some time ago that said childhood bullying can negatively affect the lives of those bullied until their 40th birthday. It can affect academic performance, social ability and career prospects. For me, this shows us the importance of non-violence in both word and action.

At this point, it’s worth thinking about the incoming seeds from big media. These are planted in our minds and, they hope, will affect our future actions and words. This may not be immediate, but down the line can and will affect our views, words, actions and suchlike. Seeds of violence, hate, anger, jealousy; an unrelenting tide of negative news. It’s quite a crop. Of course, it’s an easy get out to blame the media, but we perpetuate it amongst ourselves; little by little society changes. But, we do have the choice here not to accept the seeds. We can also refuse to spread them, try to use kind words and a gentler approach where possible and be more mindful of the influences we see and the things we share via social media.

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