A Thought on Personal Information

I came to a point the other week where it became clear that the experiments I was doing with running OwnCloud on a Raspberry Pi were a dead end. Put simply, I lack time and would like to focus my energies elsewhere. Trying to lock yourself away isn’t doable without intense effort, I question whether it’s worth all that effort.

The commercial cloud offerings of companies like Google are ahead in terms of resilience and features and the time taken to setup, run and monitor your own system could be better spent if it’s your personal time. For a company with specific needs and sensitive data, I maintain that OwnCloud can make sense. But if you lack either the time or skills to run it, then we need a different approach. I think that the best approach is to divide your data into 3 areas; imagine yourself at the centre of 3 rings.

The innermost ring is data that is so precious (diaries, financial records) that it will never go near a cloud, it may never even go onto a computer! The next is data that you don’t mind having in a private cloud account, for personal use (like iTunes or GooglePlay Music). The outer ring is where you put things that you don’t mind sharing (like this blog, or a Twitter account). Of course information put into the providers is strictly need to know, so a degree of thought is needed here.

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