Thoughts On .. The New World of Denial

I recently spent a little time reading an article in a British newspaper called “The Independent”, the article makes the argument that we’re not in a “Post Truth World” but in an age of lies. I read the article and on reflection, I have a small comment I’d like to make on this subject.

Our opinions and views of the world are, as I’ve said before, simply a map to our understanding of the world. They’re not the world itself and aren’t always inaccurate. I’ve said this about religion before, but it’s as accurate to say it about politics. So it is with the process of BrExit, things were said and opinions given and it’s turning out that the final say in this is not with the people who did the saying and giving. Indeed this past week saw the departure of the UK Ambassador to the EU and the disclosure that only people who have positive things to say about BrExit are allowing to see the minister in charge of our BrExit. This isn’t a good sign. What if after hitting the iceberg, the captain of the Titanic had only allowed people into his presence who had good things to say about the state of his ship? We’ve all watched the election of Donald Trump, though I watched it without much surprise. I’ve been following The Archdruid Report for many months and his explanation of Trumps appeal made sense. But after doing some reading, I’ve no faith in him either and it seems that our “Post Truth World” is looking more like a “World of Delusion”.

So many things have been promised, 400,000 post BrExit jobs, £350 million for the NHS, a wall along the Mexican Border paid for by Mexico, and it’s not the people who are making the promises that have the final say in whether or not these things are possible. The story seems depressingly similar with the issue of Climate Change. The incoming US administration doesn’t seem to want to know, doesn’t want it to be true. Once again, the final word in this does not belong to any Human agency on either side of this argument. It belongs to the Earth, the situation is what it is regardless of Human opinions. The Archdruid’s opinions seem similar to my own on this, that things are now unfolding as they will and we’ve been reduced to spectators; we’re just along for the ride now. My own view is that this will be our humbling and it’ll happen no matter what our opinions are on the matter.

So, how does this tie in with my usual angle on things? Simple. If we’re wise, we try in our Human and imperfect way to work with the nature (Tao) of what’s in front of them. This needs a willingness to recognise our own denial and to call bullshit for what it is, we need to accept that “things are as they are” and that “it is what it is”. It’ll mean losing a lot of ego as we realise that we’re very often not getting the final say in events, very often all we’ll be doing is trying to mitigate events that we’ve no hope of controlling.

I must be honest and I’ve gotten moaned at for saying this sort of thing before. The processes of Climate Chance are as much part of the Tao as anything else; in this case the Tao of “This Is What Happens When You Use The Biosphere As An Open Sewer For Decades On End.” On the political front, I can confidently predict that we’re going to see upsets for the people who think we can have everything we want. I think it’s going to be more a case of us needing to cut our cloth to increasingly difficult times.

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