Time to kick the tyres

Well, I’ve world watching for a while, sometimes it’s better to just drift and watch. I’ve been thinking this site over, it seems to me that rather than a blog I might try to use it as a commonplace book.

That conviction stems from the reading I’ve been doing and the fact that after what I’ve watched over the last couple of years, I’m becoming convinced that the last place I need to be is on a soapbox. I’m purposefully keeping away from Social Media and have continued with my old style notes and diary. What I’m about to say is heretical for someone who works in IT, but this seems to work better for me than all the cloud systems out there. There’s something about simple paper and a fountain pen, it’s more immediate.

So, what is a commonplace book? It’s somewhere that someone can record their thoughts and musings, any quotes they wish to preserve and comment on. In my case I always seemed to do best when I asked questions. I’m intending to return to my traditional approach and hopefully, I can start moving forward again.

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