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Restarting My Blog

I’ve been toying with the idea of restarting my blog for a few weeks now.  I’d reached a point where the old content seemed to be getting a bit stifling and I felt hemmed in.  So a quick backup later and a bit of work and I have a new start with a fresh page. It’s an odd feeling, removing all that content and restarting my blog afresh, I have to confess to a definite feeling of Butterflies in the stomach!

I also felt that the old blog had grown too rambling. I had started to feel that it needed a prune, Bonsai style.  But where was I to start? That was the big question, to be honest, it just became far easier as time went by to contemplate hitting the reset switch.  I finally reached breaking point today and made my backups and then reinstalled WordPress.

The other benefit of restarting my blog, aside from getting a blank page, is that it allows me to change a few things that I wasn’t too happy with about my old WordPress setup.  The subjects are quite similar; so it will be that sort of thing but without the baggage.  With that aside, I have a few ideas on how I’d like to proceed and this time I hope to be able to keep to something approaching a schedule, let’s see what the future brings!